Service mesh observability.

Kiali provides answers to the question: What are the microservices in my Istio service mesh doing ?

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A growing set of features

  • Service graph representation
  • Distributed tracing
  • Metrics collection and graphs
  • Configuration validation
  • Health computation/display
  • Service discovery

Project description


A Microservice Architecture breaks up the monolith into many smaller pieces that are composed together. Patterns to secure the communication between services like fault tolerance (via timeout, retry, circuit breaking, etc.) have come up as well as distributed tracing to be able to see where calls are going. A service mesh can now provide these services on a platform level and frees the application writers from those tasks. Routing decisions are done at the mesh level. Kiali works with Istio to visualise the service mesh topology, features like circuit breakers or request rates. Kiali also includes Jaeger Tracing to provide distributed tracing out of the box.

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