Some features of Kiali


See how your microservices are connected in the Kiali graph

The graph view allows you to select a time period and see the requests per second between your microservices, the response time of those requests and whether they were secured with mutual TLS.

The graph view groups applications by version, this makes it easy to see how each version of the application is behaving.

Graph: Health

Have a checkup with your mesh's health

Colors in the graph represent the health of your service mesh. If something is red or orange in your service mesh, then it might need attention. The color of the lines between applications represents the health of the requests between applications. The color around the application circle represents the health of the application itself.

Graph: Namespaces

Separate your mesh by namespace or see it all

The graph can provide a more focused view by only showing the graph for a single namespace. Connections which go outside of your namespace are displayed as pentagons and double clicking on them will take you to that other namespace.

Want the bigger picture? Just select the 'all' namespace and get a cluster wide view.

Graph: Side Panel

Get an overview with the Kiali side panel

The side panel provides an overview of your namespace, application and application version.

This includes information about what is currently being selected, including the request traffic, the response types responses and metric charts.

Graph: Traffic Animation

Animating your traffic flow

The traffic animation provides a visualization of traffic between your applications as represented as circles flowing between them. More circles means more requests, faster moving circles means a faster response time, and red triangles flowing between the applications represents errors.

Applications, Workloads and Services

Browse your service mesh by applications, workloads and services

The applications, workloads and services views allow to navigate and search your service mesh focus on the health of each element.

Detailed Metrics

Detailed metrics per Application, Workload and Service level

The details views show predefined metrics dashboards per application, workload and service level.

Application and workload details views show request and response metrics (volume, duration, size, tcp traffic) per inbound and outbound traffic. Service details view shows request and response metrics per inbound traffic.

Services: Traffic Routing

Examine service details and traffic routing configuration

The service details view shows all the workloads exposed and the Istio traffic routing configuration (VirtualServices and DestinationRules) associated with a service.

Kiali performs additional validation on VirtualServices detecting wrong configured routes.

Workloads: Istio compliance

Check Istio sidecars and labeling on workloads (deployments)

Kiali performs several validations on workloads configuration - are Istio sidecars deployed and whether the proper app and version labels are used.

Istio Configuration

Browse and validate Istio configuration

The Istio configuration view provides advanced filtering on navigation through Istio objects.

Kiali provides inline config validation for networking objects (VirtualServices and DestinationRules).