Some features of Kiali

Service Discovery

Services view focus on Istio observability

  • List of Services with Health status and error rate

    • Sorting by name space, service name, istio sidecar or error rate
    • Error rate information in a specific interval
    • Advanced filtering by namespace, service name and istio sidecar.
  • Service View Information

    • General Information about the Service (Labels, IP, Endpoints, Ports, Status …)
    • List of Pods
    • List of Deployments
    • Source Services Configuration and validation
    • Virtual Services Configuration and validation
    • Destination Rules
    • Advance Metrics of Input/Output with group results, duration…
    • Traces of the service through Jaeger

Istio Configuration

Browse and validate Istio configuration

  • Support for browsing Istio objects.
  • Inline config validation for networking objects (VirtualServices and DestinationRules).
  • Advanced filtering by namespace, config validation, type or name.