Known Issues

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This section describes some known issues in Kiali that may not be fixed in the very short term, and lead to limitations in a restricted number of corner cases. Hopefully, you wouldn’t even notice them.

If you are hitting a limitation, regardless if it’s listed here or not, do not hesitate to use the GitHub issue tracker. You can simply vote (using emojis) for any existing bug or feature request, this will help us to understand the most demanded enhancements, or you can create a new ticket. For existing JIRA tickets, use the vote link or add a comment describing your expectation or scenario.

The whole list of JIRA tickets can be found here.

     In general, we use the GitHub tracker for issues raised by the community, and JIRA for issues raised by the core engineering team. Both are publicly accessible.

1. Accessing Kiali with Internet Explorer

No version of Internet Explorer is supported with Kiali. Users may experience some issues when using Kiali through this browser.

In order to have the best experience with Kiali you will need to update to use a supported browser.

2. Non Deployment-based workloads

In Istio, a Workload can be any pod or group of pods, regardless where they originate from. They may come from Kubernetes Deployments, Replica Sets or even as a single "orphan" pod. In Kiali, we essentially assume, currently, that a Workload comes from a Deployment. They should represent the vast majority of the cases.

     JIRA link: KIALI-1284

3. Graph badly laid out

If you search in the mailing list, you will find a number of discussions about the graph layouts.

The layout for Kiali Graph may render differently, depending on the data to display (number of graph nodes and their interactions) and it’s sometimes difficult, not to say impossible, to have a single layout that renders nicely in every situations. That’s why Kiali offers a choice of several layout algorithms. However, we may still find some scenarios where none of the proposed algorithm offer a satisfying display. If Kiali doesn’t not render your graph layout in a satisfactory manner please switch to another layout option. This can be done from the Graph Settings dropdown by changing the Layout Schema.

     If Kiali doesn’t produce a good graph for you, don’t hesitate to open an issue in GitHub or reach us in the mailing lists, and describe your situation.