Distributed Tracing

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Kiali shows tracing of your applications. We currently support Jaeger from the version 1.9 (Read docs).

  In order to have the Jaeger embedded feature, you must have the same protocol in Kiali and Tracing service. These are necessary for Kiali to embed Jaeger.

1. Kiali and Tracing Service have the same protocol

When Kiali and Tracing service have the same protocol, we’ll have the embedded feature in the website.

In the Distributed Tracing link in the menu we can see a full view for search the traces of our services.

Distributed Tracing View

In each service we’ll have a new tab to display the traces for the service. (If we have error traces this tab will display them)

Service View

We can interact with this embedded feature like the Jaeger UI

Trace View

1.1. Tracing Toolbar

Kiali have a toolbar to control this feature to facilitate the user experience with the tracing service. When we go to the tracing view we’ll see a small form as the image below where we can select the service and the lookback(Traces from last minutes or hours).

Smal Form Tracing View

The service selector has the list of services of the selected namespaces organized by namespace.

Service Selector Tracing View

For an advanced search of traces we can expand the "Show advanced options"

Full form Tracing View
  • Tags: Empty by default, find the traces with these values. Example: http.status_code=200,error=true`

  • Limit results: 20 by default, number of traces results.

  • Span Configurations (More info about spans here)

    • Min Duration: Min duration for a span. Eg: 1.2s, 100ms, 500us

    • Max Duration: Max duration for a span. Eg: 1.2s, 100ms, 500us

2. Kiali and Tracing Service have not the same protocol

In this case you’ll have a link to open the service in a new tab in your browser in the menu of Kiali and in the view of a specific service.

Not same protocol Kiali and Tracing

3. Help to Debug. Troubleshooting

Check in the about modal if you have the JaegerURL variable with the URL

About menu
About modal

3.2. I have no Tracing URL in the about modal.

So Kiali didn’t find the tracing service. Kiali tries to search for the tracing service in tracing or jaeger-query. If you have another name for this service you must set the values in the yaml configuration for Kiali Operator

# **Tracing-specific settings:
#  - Right now we only support Jaeger
# namespace: The Kubernetes namespace that holds the Tracing service (if empty, assumes the same value as deployment.namespace)
# service: The Kubernetes service name for tracing. Kiali uses this to connect within the cluster to Jaeger.
# url: The URL that Kiali uses when integrating with Tracing. This URL must be accessible to clients external to
#      the cluster in order for the integration to work properly. If empty, an attempt to auto-discover it is made.
#    ---
#    tracing:
#      namespace: ""
#      service : ""
#      url: ""

Check the about modal like the step 3.1 if you have the same protocol HTPPS or HTTP.

3.4. I see an error message in embedded feature "might be temporarily down …​"

If you are working in a development environment, you can see an error as the image below.

Certificate Error

This is because your certificate is not valid, so you need to accept the certificate, open the tracing service in a new tab and accept it, after that you need to refresh the Kiali website.